Many Dozens Of Client Success Stories – Cloud Vendors, SaaS ISVs, MSPs, CSPs, Agents

“Every IT services provider in the world - whether they call themselves a VAR, SI or MSP – needs to adopt a cloud business model or risk becoming irrelevant. CloudRevenuePartners brings decades of experience to help ITSPs successfully complete that difficult process. Their expertise in packaging compelling solution bundles and driving demand through next-generation digital marketing is a valuable, rare combination of skills.”

Rocco Seyboth, VP Marketing, BitTitan

"One of the main goals of the Google Apps Reseller Program is enabling Google resellers to build a significant and sustainable business based on the Google Apps platform. Google has partnered with CloudRevenuePartners to develop the programs, tools and training to help our reseller partners achieve these business-building goals. CloudRevenuePartners brings incredible experience to this initiative through its many years of building recurring revenue businesses for Managed Service Providers and now Cloud Service Providers”

Jeff Ragusa, National SMB Manager for the Authorized Google Apps Reseller Program

“My responsibilities at Softchoice, a $1B IT Solutions Provider, was to lead the development and launch of a new business called Softchoice Cloud, a Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB), with a target of bringing in sustained double-digit growth to the company in the next 5-10 years. My responsibilities encompassed all aspects of the development and rollout of Softchoice Cloud including the selection and packaging cloud technologies as high-revenue and high-margin customer-focused solutions. To help me accomplish this mission I turned to CloudRevenuePartners. The team at CloudRevenuePartners applied their unparalleled experience, tools, methodologies and industry contacts to help me successfully launch Softchoice Cloud on-time and on-budget. I highly recommend CloudRevenuePartners without hesitation.”

Ferhan Bulca, Senior Consultant, Softchoice (Reported directly to Kevin Wright CIO, Softchoice)

“We have developed a total success formula for any qualified and committed MSP to profit from the cloud.  It begins with our state-of-the-art hosted services and world-class operational support but also includes a technology integration strategy for delivering customer solutions and a business-building strategy for our partners to accelerate revenue growth and maximize profitability,” commented JJ Milner, Managing Director of Global Micro. “Through our partnership with CloudRevenuePartners, we now have the most extensive program for becoming a successful managed cloud service provider in the market place.”

In just a few weeks, CloudRevenuePartners has created a Playbook foundation that has grown week after week to become an incredibly valuable tool for us.  CloudRevenuePartners has been highly responsive to Google Apps resellers, turning around quickly when challenged by us resellers to come up with new ideas and concepts well suited to what we experience on a daily basis in the field.  You guys have already surpassed our expectations for our participation to this program.  We can assure you that we are looking forward to the next few weeks/calls to discover what you guys will next come up with to surprise us!!!"

Sylvain Patry, Senior VP, Business Development, Hostpapa Inc

CloudRevenuePartners really knows the Cloud Solutions Provider business!  They created blueprints that map out how a CSB should be doing business to grow and make a real profit.  As a new company in its infancy or a mature company, these blueprints take any technology company from where they are now to the next steps of how to grow smarter and develop into a successful and mature CSB business.  They provide a vision of what you want to become as a CSB and then provide the tools to get it done and done right the first time.  If we had used CloudRevenuePartners sooner, we could have built our business in a much shorter period of time and made it profitable sooner. Thanks CloudRevenuePartners!

Dane Deutsch CEO/DCS Netlink

As a new Google Apps reseller, and a new start-up, CloudRevenuePartners has already proved invaluable. The depth and detail of their approach has allowed me to hit the ground running. Without it I would be spending additional precious time deciding on how to structure my offerings. With it, the majority of my time can be spent setting up my clients rather than setting up my business. In addition, the opportunity to meet other resellers within a virtual peer group is priceless and something that would otherwise be practically impossible (at this stage of my business). It is safe to say I have completely bought in to the concept of CloudRebenuePartners' offerings, their professionalism and their approach to a metrics-driven Google Apps practice. Bravo to Google for supporting this and bravo to CloudRevenuePartners for delivering.

James Bliss, JBIT

The CloudRevenuePartners sessions have really helped us refine our business model and discover new opportunities for increased revenue growth as a Google Apps Reseller. This allows us to tune our business model effortlessly and has resulted in a better understanding of what our pricing should be and what is required to meet our targets.  Since joining the program we are much clearer on the services we need to focus on to maintain a competitive edge. Thanks so much for your continued support, looking forward to revolutionizing the IT industry with your help.

Jason Silva, JBBMobile

In my company's efforts to become a true "cloud first" solutions provider, it has been a challenge to create profitable recurring revenue, and in a few conference calls with Dave and Todd of CloudRevenuePartners, I've learned that we're not the only company struggling with this make or break business problem. However, Dave and Todd, along with a group of business owners willing to openly share their experience, have provided a solid foundation of market information and tools to help us begin to build the layered products and services approach that the new economy of the cloud demands for business success as a solutions provider.  Transitioning from a technical role to a business owner role hasn't been easy--the tools that CloudRevenuePartners have created are tremendously helpful to me.  I'm looking forward to being involved in the continued evolution of the program.

Anthony P. Martini, Logicwing

As a Google Apps Premier SMB Reseller, our business is already strong and growing.  So, too, is the market for cloud-based solutions and services.  The CloudRevenuePartners program helps us look beyond our current business model, focusing on the future in a more structured and strategic way.  It helps us evaluate, plan, and expand our services with a greater understanding of the impact on our costs, our operations, and our bottom line.  Rather than trial and error, the program gives us the information we are using for more timely, more accurate, and more beneficial decisions. Thank you for a great program and the support you provide.

Allen Falcon, CEO Cumulus Global

In just two conference calls with CloudRevenuePartners, planting some great seeds about increasing revenue, specifically recurring revenue, my partner and I discussed some quick, easy ways we could re-position our presentations and service offerings so that we could increase our per user annual revenue. We now have offerings that increase our annual residual revenue from $20 to $70 per user. And as some actionable good news we sent out a proposal this week for 50 users, and heavily due to CloudRevenuePartners, our proposal has an extra $2500 in recurring revenue...  We're still learning and adjusting, but you got us thinking and acting in better ways.

Ken Marlin, RTWmobile