Our Programs

The CRPaccelerator Program


CloudRevenuePartners applies its years of experience, content and modeling tools to deliver a 1:1 consulting engagement that follows the CRPexperience five-step process for building and scaling a profitable, high MRR, high margin, and high-value MRR cloud business. This includes developing your specific and differentiated business outcomes value prop, defining your verticals, sub-verticals and non-IT Line of Business personas, creating your high-value, high-MRR cloud bundles, creating mock-ups of your digital marketing-enabled website, and creating your comprehensive digital marketing plan and campaign and MRR financial model.

The CRPDMaaS Program


As a Hubspot partner CloudRevenuePartners delivers a 1:1 customized Digital Marketing-as-a-Service program. After successfully completing the CRPaccelerator Program including creating your Digital Marketing and Sales Plan and MRR Financial Model CloudRevenuePartners applies it's cloud domain experience and Hubspot digital marketing experience to deliver 100% of everything required to execute on your digital marketing campaigns. This includes all content, manpower, and the marketing platform to help you generate new business in the ‘buyers-in-control’ age. A CRPDMaaS Assesment is the first step in executing of the CRPDMaaS Program.

is your business ready to capitalize on MRR cloud?

CloudRevenuePartners really knows the Cloud Solutions Provider business!  They created blueprints that map out how a CSB should be doing business to grow and make a real profit.  As a new company in its infancy or a mature company, these blueprints take any technology company from where they are now to the next steps of how to grow smarter and develop into a successful and mature CSB business. They provide a vision of what you want to become as a CSB and then provide the tools to get it done and done right the first time. If we had used CloudRevenuePartners sooner, we could have built our business in a much shorter period of time and made it profitable sooner. Thanks CloudRevenuePartners!

Dane Deutsch CEO/DCS Netlink

Hubspot Gold Certified Agency Partner