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How do you have a business outcomes conversation with a Business Manager?

I think we all know that 65% (and growing) of all IT spend is coming from Business Managers (not IT). These Business Managers want to achieve their desired business outcomes. In this vlog we discuss what that business outcomes conversation can look like.


Why do telecom agents and master agents need to get into the cloud business?

Telecom agents and masters are in the same boat as VARs, MSPs etc - cloud is taking over. But where do you start? What do you sell? What's the opportunity? Watch this vlog and find out.


What the heck are business outcomes?

Business Managers wanting to achieve their desired business outcomes is all the rage with cloud. For good reason, cloud is designed to help Business Managers achieve their desired business outcomes. In this vlog we'll discuss what business outcomes really mean.


Your cheese has moved - what?

Have you every read the book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Dr. Spencer Johnson? Your cheese (who you sell tech to) has moved. In this vlog we'll discuss who your new cheese is.


Digital Business Transformation - What is it?

Digital Business Transformation is all the rage today. It used to be a F500 dream, now it's a very atainable dream for every company, large or small anywhere in the world. What is it? What are the top desired business outcomes of being a Digital Business?